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Xeekar is the solution for Tracking Monitoring Management remotely.

Xeekar is the answer to all your vehicle security issues. With the ultimate secured solution, Xeekar allows you to comprehend the round-about clock security in tracking your vehicle by using mobile apps, web services and SMS texts.

Xeekar Features

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicle anytime from anywhere using our smart user interface. Know where your vehicles been to, where did they stop, for how long and what driving violations resulted on route.

Tracking Archive

Fetch your vehicle’s tracking history anytime. Get historical tracking data for deep analysis.

Expense Management

Monitoring fuel consumption and to watch daily travel distance and minimize expenditure easily.


Whether there is a tasks, set an instant reminder for all the schedules and never miss a deadline.

Exclusive Location Information

You will always find the right location. Our experts always working to get you the right location.

Smart Alerts

Receive instant alert based on your need

  • Over Speed Alert
  • Parking Violation Alert
  • Vehicle Tampering Alert
  • Panic Alert / SOS and may more....

SMS/Email Notification

Get notification based on your preference

Smart User Interface

With just the right mix of exquisite designs and neat features, Xeekar is always here to help manage all your vehicle tracking needs

Mobile Application for Android

Monitor your vehicle's movement using our interactive mobile application

Xeekar Helps to You

Is your tank running questionably low? Our expense management system helps you to track your expense records against travel records.
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Loyalty is integrated with security in all of our products and services.

Product Specification

  • Product can support from 12-48 V any vehicle
  • Exterior battery cut off alarm
  • Low power consumption
  • Support single location and continual tracking
  • Industrial GPS and GSM modules are used for better signal strength

Track Drivers, Not Just Vehicles

You may know where your vehicles are and how they are being driven, but do you know who is driving them? Xeekar offers additional insight into whereabouts of your drivers. It identifies the driver of each vehicle so you can separate vehicle data from driver data, which allows reporting by driver as well as by vehicle. This is particularly useful for businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles across many drivers who do not use the same vehicle each day.

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